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      Common Grounds – is a Norwegian nonprofit organization created in 2021 in Oslo, providing various  community-based solutions for negative stress effects by offering consultancy, courses, building resilience, and finding dialogues between different social groups in compliance with SDGs. 

Our overall goal is to promote the wellbeing and trauma informed society through a  hands-on education and integration of personal/collective experiences by delivering various psychological, scientific, artistic, and holistic tools.​   Common Grounds is working with professional trauma, art, somatic, yoga therapists, neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, artists, and other specialists from around the world, developing a holistic, interdisciplinary toolbox.  


We have a range of activities for your wellbeing and resilience building, stress management and trauma informed decision making.  

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Less Stress Podcast is  exploring various topics on mental health, wellbeing, resilience building and creativity with various professionals from around the globe.  Each episode invites you to to get inspired by exceptional  personal journeys and to learn new things about oneself.    

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Less Stress  project is focusing on organizing seminars, classes, workshops, and stay in training courses connecting trauma work, somatics, neuroscience, yoga and art, to help us to connect to our human system holistically.

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Common Grounds organization is  collaborating internationally  with different actors from multiple  sectors, in order to create a trauma informed leadership and flourishing society.  

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